Friday, July 11, 2008

Guatemalan Brown

I'm having so much fun working with this brown fiber from Guatemala. A gift from my daughter after she returned from her recent trip there. The yarn was spun very tightly but plyed loosely (2 ply) and then wound tightly into a ball when I got it. I couldn't help buy wonder what hands where had worked with this before. Erica says the fiber is called "Brown Cotton" Gossypium Mexicanum, "Ixcaco" (in Mayan dialect--historically used in the creation of Mayan ceremonial garments), and "Cuyuscate" (Spanish).
I had been saving a pattern from a recent issue of Interweave Knits Magazine for the perfect yarn . A really lovely scarf with an unusual lace pattern and unique construction. When I had this South American yarn in my hands, I knew it was a good match.
You can see what happened (before sample) when I started to knit with it. They say a picture is worth thousand words. Take a look. You'll see what I mean........
Click to play guatemalan brown
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