Friday, July 6, 2007

Trip to Millenocket

Lenny just suggested we drive to Millenocket today, "to see all those paper mills". Why, you ask, would we want to see the paper mills? There are no answers to some questions in married life. And after 30 years? ...whatever.

My Maine Atlas & Gazetteer (road bible) says this is roughly 135 miles from here. Sounds like about "1 knitted sock" away. We'll see.

I'm now working on a sock made with Fixation from Cascade yarns. This is a brilliant yarn. Cotton with some stretch thanks to lycra. And loads of colors. It makes things you want to fit snugly, like socks, or a bathing suit, fit snugly.

I need to knit with 1 size smaller needle, both because I don't tension this yarn tight enough to work it the way the directions state, and also because I like my socks to fit tight. My foot is narrow and the slouch thing doesn't work for me. I spoke with Libby, friend and owner of Water Street Yarns in Hallowell, ME, and she says she has to knit with 1 size larger needle to get gauge. Take the time to find out how you knit this yarn. It's worth the effort. I thought I would loose the stitch definition because of the stretch, but take a look (click on any image to enlarge for detail). When you put it on, especially if you've knit a pattern, it looks great. What do you think?
I've done the first sock. Hmmmm......maybe that trip to Millenocket isn't such a bad idea.
Free Fixation Fancy Feet Pattern

Jodi, one of our expert staff, knit this adorable swimsuit with Fixation. Of course, she has the "20-something" figure to wear it. She taught this knitting project , at a workshop last summer in the shop. And she's tweeked the pattern, like adding a small button for security on the bathing suit waistband, for a customized fit. Check with us at the shop to see all the yummy Fixation colors, and for a courtesy copy of this store pattern with yarn purchase.

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